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Seniors Get Creative

When I was little, my grandmother taught me ceramics.  When she was 93, she gave me her pottery studio and I decided to teach people too.  I’ve learned that students in retirement communities love pottery classes because it gives them something creative to make, friends to see and something to look forward to each month. Working with clay has therapeutic benefits for their mind and body.  

Making Clay Art

Ek Creations provides all clay and tools. Special non-toxic ceramic glazes are applied during the class. Project designs are based on the season and include snowflakes, valentine’s hearts, fall leaves and many more.

Room Requirements

Table space for each participant is necessary with enough surrounding space for a few supplies (water cups, paint brushes, small clay tools).  A spare table for teaching supplies is also a requirement for clay building classes.  Adequate lighting and air-conditioning are always a plus!

 Class Sizes

Typical class size for retirement communities is 10-12 and taught in an hour. The first 30 minutes students build a project and the second 30 minutes they paint to finish the item.   It is best to choose a calendar day that is repeated each month. For example, “The First Tuesday” will let students know to look each month for the class. 

Completed Work Delivery

Ek Creations teaches the entire pottery process. This includes transporting the class projects to Ek Creations Studio and firing in a kiln. Delivery arrangements are made within 2 weeks of completing a class.  

Ek Creations Teaching History

In 2008 I wanted to reach out to more people with pottery so I started teaching a traveling class.

Here are some of the retirement communities with monthly classes:

  • The Court at Round Rock: 2008-present
  • The Clairmont: 2008-2011
  • The Renaissance (Assisted Living): 2008-2010
  • The Renaissance (Independent Living): 2008
  • Cedar View: 2009-2011
  • The Cottages: 2011-present
  • The Pavilion: 2013-present
  • The Conservatory: 2013-present
  • Sterling House: 2014-present


Ek Creations comes prepared to teach 12 students and charges $100 per month. This allows for easy budgeting and variable class size.

 How to Arrange a Class?

Contact Carla Ek at 512-797-6580 or carlaek@ekcreations.net  to discuss ideas on how to incorporate pottery into your location.